Michael Sam and pro partner Peta Megatroyd got the ballroom boot on Monday’s “Dancing with the Stars” – the third Season 20 couple to be sent packing.

While fans were shocked to see the athlete eliminated, Michael wasn’t surprised.

“When I found out who was in the bottom three, I knew I was going to go home,” he told Hollywood Insight after the show. “It’s bittersweet. I thought my last dance was my best dance, and I would like to leave on my best dance instead of my horrible dance.”


His final dance was extremely emotional – dedicated to his father, with whom has he been estranged since last year, due to Michael’s sexuality.

“I haven’t talked to my father since February of 2014,” he said, adding that he believes he and his dad will eventually make amends. “Time will heal all wounds. And I know eventually I probably can forgive my father and speak to him.”

Adding, “[It will take] time. Time, time and maybe me maturing more. My dad’s old school. I know deep down he loves me. And I just need to just be patient and accept his love for me.”


While Michael didn’t exit the ballroom with a trophy, he earned a forever friend in Peta.

“[Working with him] was really enlightening. I think that I really have a friend for life,” Peta told Shaun. “He’s a great guy. An extremely hard worker. And we had a great time together.”

As for his future plans, Michael aims to be back on the field.


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