Garth Ancier Denies Sex Abuse Allegations: ‘Vile, Unwarranted’


He calls the plaintiff Michael Egan’s tactics “intimidation” and “homophobic.”

TV executive Garth Ancier is taking his case to the public, denying in a series of tweets Friday the sex abuse allegations lodged against him by plaintiff Michael Egan. Ancier’s attorney previously issued a statement, but this is the first time that Ancier himself has spoken out.


“Thanks and gratitude to my friends, family and colleagues for your support this week,” said Ancier’s statement. “I wanted you all to hear from me personally and know that I intend to fight with every resource available this vile, unwarranted assault on my reputation.

“The intimidation tactics used in this transparent get-rich-quick scheme employ as their weapons of choice press conferences in tandem with frivolous lawsuits which shamelessly exploit homophobic fears and stereotypes,” Ancier wrote.


“The mere fact that I have never so much as set foot on the estate in Hawaii where the plaintiff and his attorney claim numerous incidents took place and that Hawaiian law provided a convenient legal loophole for the plaintiff speaks volumes about the credibility of their allegations, not a single one of which is true,” Ancier wrote.

“While I recognize we sadly live in a time where one is only innocent until allegations go viral on the Internet I remain confident that all of these allegations made against me will be exposed for the lies that they are and that the truth about my character will prevail,” the exec added.

Egan alleges that Ancier used force and coercion to have sex with him in 1999 in Hawaii and Los Angeles. Egan was 17 at the time, over the age of consent in Hawaii (16) but under it in California (18).

Earlier, Ancier’s lawyer issued a statement: “All of the allegations made by the plaintiff against Garth Ancier are demonstrably untrue, and we are confident the courts will agree when the evidence is presented,” said Louise Ann Fernandez of Jeffer Mangels. “As just one of many examples, Mr. Ancier has never even visited the estate in Hawaii where the plaintiff claims to have encountered him. Mr. Ancier is grateful to his friends, family and colleagues for their support.”

Also sued in the last 10 days were director Bryan Singer, former Disney TV president David Neuman and Broadway producer Gary Goddard, all of whom have denied the allegations.

Neuman’s denial Tuesday came via tweets. Today his lawyer, Patricia Glaser of Glaser Weil issued a statement:

My client David Neuman categorically and unequivocally rejects the allegations in Mike Egan’s complaint, which are monstrous, utter and outrageous fiction. 

Mr. Neuman was never on any private jet trip to Hawaii, with Mike Egan or anyone else in 1999, and in fact was not in Hawaii that year at all.

It should be noted that Mike Egan made similar allegations against others in a lawsuit that he filed in 2000 and he chose not to sue Mr. Neuman.

We intend to fight these vicious allegations, and are confident that our client will be vindicated, especially considering that David Neuman has never engaged in any inappropriate sexual or other activity or committed any of the alleged misconduct with Mike Egan.

Furthermore, we have irrefutable evidence, including statements from Mike Egan himself, which demonstrate that the allegations are false.

Goddard’s denial of the allegations came Tuesday via a short statement from his lawyer, Alan Grodin of Weintraub Tobin. Subsequently, Grodin issued a longer statement. Read it below.

Having had the opportunity to review the allegations in the Complaint filed against our client, Mr. Gary Goddard, we can say that the allegations against him are categorically denied.

Mr. Goddard was not in Hawaii with Mr. Egan. He did not molest or touch or annoy Mr. Egan or commit any of the acts alleged. Also, he did not furnish drugs or alcohol to any minor at any time.

We have also reviewed the complaints filed against other defendants by Mr. Egan. The “cookie-cutter” allegations in all of the complaints filed by Mr. Egan are so fantastical as to be unbelievable on their face.

We have now learned that this is not the first time that allegations of this sort have been made by Mr. Egan. His suit filed in 2000 against other parties referenced in the complaints made no mention of any alleged trips to the state of Hawaii. Filing the complaints in Hawaii is a blatant attempt by Mr. Egan of forum shopping.

Our client Mr. Goddard intends to vigorously defend this suit, to uphold his good name and reputation. We are confident that the objective facts will demonstrate that the allegations against Mr. Goddard are false.

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