Kylie Jenner’s Parents Are Allowing Her to Be Inappropriate Again


Man, guys. Will the inappropriate bikini pics ever stop? No, probably not, because two parents who make a living off of whoring their gorgeous children out dont stand a chance in the face of a hormonal 15-year-old, and that’s a sad, sad fact.

The above photo is Kylie Jenner’s latest attempt at social media voyeurism, and while obviously, she has a beautiful body, it’s one that she should be covering up for the sake of demurity and modesty ’til she’s 18. Or until Kris Jenner leaks her premiere sex tape, which will probably be around 23, the approximate age big sis Kim Kardashian was when she made her first sex tape.

GIRL. Cover up, OK? Gosh. You be givin’ all the goods away before the getting is even good. … Or even legal, for that matter. Damn.

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