LINDA HOGAN Family Heirlooms JACKED and Now They’re On eBay


Hulk Hogan’s ex-wife lost her treasured family keepsakes, but they just resurfaced … on eBay — and now she’s on a mission to get them back … has learned.

Linda Hogan tells us a bunch of stuff from her L.A. storage unit just hit the auction site — including pictures of Nick Hogan’s christening, a CD of Brooke Hogan’s first single and a weird cake statue of the whole family.

The eBay seller claims he found the stash at a local thrift store — and Linda says it must have been taken mistakenly 2 months ago when she hired guys to move some of her stuff from storage to Goodwill.

“No family photos were ever given to anyone,” Linda tells us. “I would never give away baby pictures of my kids!!!”

Linda’s hoping the seller will give the items back to her, free of charge — but says she will NOT make a bid because she “doesn’t know how to use eBay.”

Guess she’s not that attached.

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