NRI coming back to India



Dear Friends


Please read this post If you are NRI and looking to come back to India.

I spent around 13 year in USA and decided to come back after seeing lot of speeches from our Honourable Prime Minister and wanted to reunite with my family.

I was in impression that India has been changed from time I left this country but it’s not.

My family never wanted to see me in in India as they know it’s very difficult to survive but I was able to convince them that I want to stay with them and will start some business.

I don’t want to go in to very much details but starting any business in India is like wining a war. Everyone want their piece of share in bribe. You don’t expect a single thing you can achieve without bribe. Your work will not be done and these shameless peoples will ask money on your face.

You have struggle to get staff or your business , For small work like cashier / billing counter person people ask for Rs 25000/- per month as soon as they come to know you are NRI .

One day some Kinners (hijras / eunuch / hermaphrodite) came to my business premius.

I offered them Rs 51/- then Rs 101/- and finally Rs 501 but they was demanding Rs 11000/- without any reason.  When I refused to give they started DRAMA as usual in front of customers .I requested them to go outside and go as I already paid Rs 501 /- which is more than enough money but they refused to go and started beating me and took more than Rs 5000/- from my pocket my gold chain and other documents . I was in shock and trying to see what just happen.

After some time I was surprised that these hijras came back with police saying that I beat them and stole their money  mean ulta chore kotwal ko datey .

Police was not ready to listen anything from  my side and they started shouting that they will pick me and beat me in police station. I gave application about crime happened with me but they filed FIR against me WOW the great Indian Jankipuram Police.

I have 12 CCTV cameras in my business campus but police never saw / asked their footage.

After FIR people old me that usually in these kind of cases they ask to mediate and we have to pay around Rs 50000/- to settle case which I refused. Why to pay money to anyone if you didn’t do anything right no it’s WRONG.


Now as you know how long cases runs in India like 10-15 years or longer or it may be dismiss in first hearing itself.


My case is just simple example and I will stay and fight until I can but I am also human not sure until when I can do that.


My advice for all NRI’s that I you don’t have jacks means jugged or you know some political peoples , You should have atlases 2-3 IAS officers in your home , PLEASE don’t think to come back to India . It may take another 20-30 years for India to bring hopes for NRI’s.






















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