Rihanna & Drake Talking Babies & Raising A Family Together


First comes love, then comes babies? Well Rihanna and Drake may be going in that order! They actually have been talking about how they think they’d be great parents together, a source close to the couple told HollywoodLife.com exclusively.

Sounds like Rihanna and Drake are definitely on the fast track — and they’re totally in love. We told you that the couple has officially moved in together in L.A., and now they’re talking about the traits that their kids would have, and what the future has in store for them, HollywoodInsight.com has learned exclusively.

“Drake jokes about how gorgeous and talented their offspring would be and that makes her day,” an insider close to the couple told us.”They laugh about sh-t like that because they both know that’s not happening any time soon, but they do talk about family, the future and how they equally would be fantastic parents.”

It’s no surprise that they’re already talking about the future. The couple decided to stay together while their both in LA so that they could spend more time together.

“All I really know is that they are happy, especially Rihanna, and it’s so refreshing to see that glow on her face,” the insider told us. “It’s been a long time since my girl has been in a real and genuine loving relationship.”

The couple must be really happy — they’ve barely left each other’s side while they’ve been in NYC. They’ve been going out almost every night together, and then staying together afterward.


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