Selena Gomez Spotted Smoking & Flirting At Coachella?


Selena Gomez is definitely enjoying Coachella! The ‘Come & Get It’ Singer was spotted partying all night with Kylie Jenner, and while it was just the two of them at first, they were later approached by a Bieber look-alike!

Selena Gomez and Kylie Jenner appeared to have a great time at the Details At Midnight party at Coachella on April 11, an eyewitness told exclusively. However, in new photos, we can see that not only was Selena chatting it up with another guy, she also had what looked like a cigarette in her hand!


Kylie, 16, and Selena, 21, hung out in the Palm Springs House in a private VIP area by the pool at the big party on April 11, but we couldn’t help but notice that Selena had something in her right hand that looked a lot like a cigarette.


The pop star has never been spotted publicly smoking before so this comes as quite the surprise. However, in January she was spotted in L.A. purchasing a pack of cigarettes from a gas station, the day after boyfriend Justin Bieber was arrested for his DUI. Could she be stressed that he’s not there?

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