Sex Abuse Case Against Gary Goddard Withdrawn


Michael Egan, III dismisses a third Hawaii case but others are pending in Los Angeles.

Plaintiff Michael Egan, III, who sued director Bryan Singer and three Hollywood executives alleging teen sex abuse in Hawaii in 1999, on Saturday voluntarily dismissed his suit against one of the men, Gary Goddard just days after dismissing a similar case against another executive, Garth Ancier. About three weeks ago, he dismissed a similar case against David Neuman, which leaves pending in Hawaii only Egan’s case against Singer.

However, the dismissal was without prejudice, meaning that he can refile – and, in fact, as The Hollywood Insight previously reported, he has already filed four suits with similar language in Los Angeles federal court. Those suits are against John Doe defendants, but the allegations track much of the content of the Hawaii suits, and one of the defendants is identifiable (based on his job title) as Neuman. On Friday, Ancier sued Egan and his attorneys, Jeffrey Herman of Florida and Michael Gallagher of Hawaii, for malicious prosecution and abuse of process, alleging that they aimed to “smear, harass and severely injure Mr. Ancier as part of an avowed and very public campaign by Mr. Egan’s counsel to troll for new clients who would enable them to shake down other entertainment industry executives with threats of sexual assault charges.”

Ancier’s suit notes that Herman was previously suspended from practice for eighteen months by the Florida Supreme Court for an ethical violation and that an Oregon District Court judge permanently barred Herman from appearing in that judge’s court as a sanction for Herman’s misrepresentations and other bad faith conduct.

The Hawaii lawsuits were brought by Herman and Egan amid white-hot publicity, with the suit against Singer in April announced at a press conference attended by television, radio, print and online outlets. That was followed a week later by a similar press conference in which suits against the other three defendants were announced.

Later, Herman filed a separate teen sex abuse suit in Los Angeles against Singer and Goddard on behalf of a different plaintiff, a British actor identified only as John Doe 117. Goddard filed a motion to dismiss that suit about two weeks ago. Singer has yet to file a response.

All four defendants have denied the allegations in the various suits. Neither Herman nor Goddard’s representatives had any comment on the dismissal

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