Sherlyn Chopra goes topless on Twitter


Sherlyn Chopra who has been creating waves on Twitter with her bold pics is at again. The lady has posted some of her topless snaps, admitting a part of her is a “sexual exhibitionist”.

“A part of me is a sexual exhibitionist……The exhibitionist loves to flirt with shame,” she tweeted.

The first Indian model to be shooting for Playboy, Sherlyn says she’s not ashamed of her sexual fantasies.

“I’m not ashamed of who I am or of my body, my physicality, my desires, my sexual fantasies… I’m not afraid of the unknown,” she tweeted.

Another tweet explains the model’s philosophy: “People say that I’m goin’ the wrong way….when itz simply a way of MY OWN……”
“Real integrity is doin’ the right thing…..knowin’ that nobody’s gonna know whether you did it or not…….. ,” she added.

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