Ten candidates to host the 88th Academy Awards


As always seems to be the case immediately after the Oscars, a lot of chatter has turned to who should be the next host of the show following Neil Patrick Harris’ turn on Sunday. Honestly, the Academy Awards doesn’t actually need a host, but since they’re committed to the idea, it makes sense to really shoot for the moon next time out. I’ve never disliked any of the hosts (yes, I even found James Franco and Anne Hathaway to be fine), but I’ve also never really been over the moon for any of them. As such, I didn’t have to think too much in order to find a bunch of worthy names that I wish the Academy would consider. Below you’ll see ten of them, but trust me…there are plenty more than just these men and women.

Here are the ten individuals that I think could knock the 88th Oscars out of the park:

10. Billy Crystal – When in doubt, why not go back to what you know works? There are other options I could have listed here, like Ellen DeGeneres, Chris Rock, or even Harris again (I’d easily be the most willing to give Seth MacFarlane another crack at it, even if it seems he’s one and done), but I have a feeling that we haven’t seen Crystal’s last turn at this gig. He wouldn’t be an exciting or sexy pick, but he’d do the job with a consistency that the Academy craves.

9. Sarah Silverman – Given the chance, I think Silverman could really do a great job with this big stage. Sure, she’s dirtier than most previous hosts, but she has a unique personality that could be well suited to a slight roast of Hollywood. I doubt she’d get the call, but I think it’s one that Oscar should make.

8. Kevin Smith – Hear me out. Quietly, the filmmaker has become an incredible interviewer on his many podcasts, someone who speaks with a genuine affection and love for cinema. For Hollywood’s biggest night/their prom, shouldn’t the MC be a big fan of the movies too? They’ll never even consider him, but they should.

7. Jimmy Kimmel – I think if it weren’t for the fact that Kimmel already hosts a post show special, he’d already have been given the gig. He’s a low risk choice that could wind up paying bigger dividends than expected. Of all the people on this list, he’s the one I most expect to be offered the job in the next few years.

6. Kristen Wiig – This is just a hunch, but I think Wiig is a blockbuster choice waiting to be tapped. This past awards show season has given her some great moments, so I think some members of the Academy could have taken notice. If they did, she’d be a strong outside the box selection.

5. Ricky Gervais – He might have ruffled some feathers when he hosted the Golden Globes, but I’m still all about Gervais getting this job. I’m sure Oscar big shots would be concerned about how sharp his scalpel can be when cutting celebrities down to size, but it would give the night a whole new feel. If ratings are what they seek, this is an option to definitely consider.

4. Robert Downey, Jr. – Few people have as much charisma as RDJ, so letting him loose on the crowd could be an awesome choice and obviously would equal some monster ratings. He’s consistently one of the most entertaining presenters at awards shows, so it could be a match made in cinema heaven. I think if Downey, Jr. ever decides that he wants the job, it’s his.

3. Amy Schumer – I really doubt they’d be brave enough to go for her, but I think Schumer would be an absolutely brilliant choice. She’s about to be a movie star with Judd Apatow’s Trainwreck (side note, get Apatow to write the show, whether or not Schumer is involved), so that’s a plus. Sure, she’s super dirty, but she’s got an ability to work on wit instead, so if they gave her a chance, she’d be a real hit. I’m sure of it.

2. Jon Stewart – He’s available, has hosted the show before, and if anything, is currently at his most likable. Stewart makes a ton of sense and I’d bet anything that he’s made an offer in the next year or so. I separated him from that previous list of former hosts because of how likely it is that he’s sought for the gig again. If he’s interested, he’s a lock.

1. Tom Hanks – In my mind, Hanks is perfect for the job. The Academy would get an A list celebrity, one of the most liked men in Hollywood, but still a funny and witty enough star that he could play around with the people in the room. Honestly, it’s shocking to me that Hanks hasn’t had a turn hosting yet. He’d fit neatly into the tradition of many a former Oscar host.

Stay tuned to see who winds up getting the honor next!

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