Zayn Malik: Model Claims He Cheated On Perrie Edwards Twice With Her In Thailand


Uh oh. Another girl — this time a Swedish model — has come forward claiming that Zayn cheated on his fiancee with her twice while One Direction was touring in Thailand. In an explosive interview, she reveals intimate details of their alleged nights together.
Zayn Malik’s world is being rocked by another cheating scandal. Swedish model Martina Olsson, 24, is now claiming that Zayn, 22, had sex with her twice while he was in Thailand with One Direction last week. Martina alleges that Zayn told her, “I want you now,” and never mentioned his fiancee Perrie Edwards, 21, during their steamy encounter.


Martina claims that she had sex with the former One Direction star after partying at the same Thailand nightclub, Seduction. When the party ended up at One Direction’s villa, that’s when the heat got turned up a notch.

“He didn’t mention anything to me about having a fiancée,” she told The Sun. “He was really flirtatious.”
In her interview, she alleges that Zayn asked her to take a shower with him. “Straight away when we were in the bathroom he started kissing me,” she told the outlet. “He picked me up and said, ‘I want you now,’ and carried me to the bed.”

Martina says she did not know Zayn was a member of the most popular boy band in the world. She just knew he was part of a band. (Um, okay.)

But that wasn’t the end of their tryst, according to Martina. The next night — the same night Zayn was seen with Lauren Richardson — Martina says she hooked up with Zayn again. Zayn and his group left the nightclub to head back to the villa, and he apparently paid for Lauren to take a cab at 5 a.m. After that, Martina claims she began flirting with Zayn before they went up to his room where they were gone about “40 minutes.”


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